A global pandemic and then a volcanic eruption, if this were a disaster movie you would say it had gone too far!

The Sea Shed on the West Coast

6 weeks of lockdown and Covid 19 cases in Barbados were significantly down. Restaurants and shops were open, announcements had just been made to further ease restrictions and allow visitors back in. Life was starting to return to normal.

But wow, what a difference a week makes. Last Monday (Easter Monday) we visited the Sea Shed up on the west coast. It is a beautiful beach club style restaurant and definitely my new favourite place on the island…

There is no escaping it, we too are now in lockdown in Barbados.

Beautiful Bathsheba

It has been a bit of a strange start to 2021. Having mentioned in my previous post about COVID numbers creeping up before Old Year Night, New Years Day brought some news that no one wanted to hear. A series of unfortunate events lead to a super-spreader event, a bus crawl on Boxing day, causing around 180 positive cases, many of whom worked at the prison, and so the spread began. A curfew was put in place, 9pm to 5am, not the end of the world, you…

It has been a little while since my last post, but I wanted to wait till I had some interesting stuff to say!

Swimming on our local beach we regularly see 3 turtles

We have been here almost 2 months now and have really started to settle in. We met a lot of our neighbours at an Independence Day BBQ and got to try some proper Bajan food, including breadfruit chips (crisps) which I am now obsessed with! …

Week one of living and working in Paradise

The view from our balcony — not too shabby!

We have now been in Barbados for a week and a half. After our quarantine was over we still had a few days in our hotel to explore the area before moving to our new apartment. Our first day of ‘freedom’ was a Monday. Unfortunately most places are closed on a Monday, even more so now in Covid times, but we did find a bar just down from the hotel, Mojo which had great burgers and live music but fairly watery cocktails. On our second night we went to Café Sol in…

Worthing Beach at sunset
Worthing Beach at sunset
Sunset at Worth Beach, Christ Church, Barbados

2020 started well, I went on a fantastic work trip to India and had several more lined up for Oman, Nepal and Bhutan. Then Covid-19 hit and the world changed.

Katie Holmes

Katie is a passionate traveller and co-owner of digital marketing agency Red Quokka with her partner Carl. They have recently moved to Barbados

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